百灵达Wing Console Flight Hard Travel Case Flip-Ready Easy Retracting Hydraulic Lift for by ZCase


ProX XZF-BWING for Behringer Wing Console Flight Hard Travel Case Flip-Ready Easy Retracting Hydraulic Lift for by ZCase


ProX独家XZF-BWING Flip-Ready™ Hard Travel Road caseis Made in Poland, exclusively for ProX by ZCase, to fit the百灵达Wing Console。这se cases for digital audio consoles are designed and built to make transport and setup quick and very easy. No more lifting heavy consoles into place on a table or stand. The patent-pending hydraulic lift system provides easy movement from a vertical transport position to the horizontal operational positionwith almost no physical effort。A heavy plywood base between the case and the four heavy-duty locking casters protects the case and equipment during transport. The lower doors opening the storage area have magnetic catches to hold them open, during the movement of the console, to protect the doors. The rotational mechanism attached to the console mounting bed uses gas springs which also suppresses all vibrations generated by transport by means ofVibro-Insulators™attached to the mounting bed and the sidewalls of the case body. Each case has a large doghouse area with recessed latches on the cover as well as console-specific form fitted wood side panels that retain the console firmly in the case. As the console bed rotates into the operational position, the faders will be approximately 36” from the floor. This may vary slightly with specific consoles.

This ProX Zcase Flip-Ready™ cases have1U Rackspace’s这是欧元设计,以获得更多效用和耐用性。(包括所有硬件)。

ProX Flip-Ready™案例是用于质量控制和单独测试的案例,以进行平稳运行。多年来,音频工程师和房屋技术人员面临着建立重型搅拌机的挑战,多次没有充分的帮助。这Flip-Ready™design allows for easy, one person, instead of four, movement from the transport position to operational position with virtually no effort. No other case matches the quality and operational convenience of the来自Prox Live PerformanceGear®的翻转准备™ZCase®。你在等什么?

ZCASE®是ŁukaszZawada和Flip-Ready™的注册商标,是Prox Live PerformanceGear®的商标


  • Flip-Ready™ ATA-300 Flight/Road Case Exclusively by ProX*
  • Standard Silver on Black Design – Black on Black is a Custom Order
  • Vibro-Insulation System™ for Internal Vibration Protection
  • Two Storage Spaces in Doors
  • 6 Inch Depth Doghouse
  • 1U Space Below Console
  • ZCASE®专利等待旋转机制
  • All Case Hardware from Penn Elcom® in Europe
  • 橡胶弹簧动作嵌入式手柄
  • Recessed Industrial Butterfly Twist-Lock Latches
  • 轻松锁定 - 精密配合铝舌和槽
  • Handles on Case Cover Tops for Easy Removal by One Person
  • Heavy and Powerful Steel Ball Corners & Dual Anchor Rivets
  • Four Industrial Grade 4" Locking Casters with Magnetic Positioning
  • Laminated 3/4”, 1/2” and/or 3/8” Plywood and other Solid Wood Components
  • Large Doghouse Area with Left and Right Openings for Snakes and for Small Wires
  • ProX Live Performance Gear® One Year Warranty

*ProX Live Performance Gear® is the Exclusive and Sole Representative of ZCASE® of Poland In North America, including Canada & the NW Territories, Mexico and all of the Caribbean Islands. ZCASE® Manufactures a line of Flip-Ready Cases branded ProX and ProX has access for custom orders the entire line of Flip Cases manufactured by ZCASE®. Contact your favorite ProX dealer for prices, availability, and ordering.


百灵达Wing Console

41.50"L x 14.50"W x 30.50"H
Weight: 124.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions
44.00“l x 17.00”d x 33.00“h

Suggested Shipping Method: LTL


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