Universal Case for ONE 60 to 70 Inch Flat Panel Monitor LED TV w/ Low Profile Wheels


Prox XS-TV6070W通用外壳为60至70英寸平板显示器LED TV W /低轮廓轮


TheProX XS-TV6070W适用于1个LED /液晶电视 - 60“-70”可调节壳体,带有低调轮。如果您对齿轮的热情并希望始终保持安全,这种情况每次都会以最高级别执行。XS-TV6070W采用我们坚固的签名3/8“演出型胶合板,耐用的橡胶轮,加强钢球角,以及嵌入式钢板填充手柄和闩锁。

This ProXATA 300 Caseis manufactured with theHoneycomb Digital™Protective Finish on Laminated 3/8" plywood. Made with the super-sleek look of Honeycomb Digital™ hexagon grids on all shell surfaces, sets ProX apart from other manufacturers. The Honeycomb Digital™ design helps prevent minor to mild scratches. This unique design was inspired in 2009 by the design of New York City Street Manhole covers which are made to handle rough and tough everyday punishment.


Note: Any pictured device is shown for reference only and not included!


  • Standard Style, Silver on Black Honeycomb Digital™ Protective Finish
  • ATA-300 Style Gig Ready Flight Road Case
  • 轻松锁定配合和舌头
  • High-density foam interior support & casing
  • Recessed spring action Handles per Side
  • Heavy and powerful steel ball corners
  • Dual anchor rivets
  • 签名系列认证层压演出准备3/8“胶合板
  • Industrial Recessed butterfly twist lock latches that can be padlocked
  • 配备2个重型2“低调耐用的橡胶脚轮用于移动性
  • Prox有限的终身保修

* ProX Goes Green:我们病例中使用的耐用硬橡胶泡沫含有85%的再循环含量。其中70%,其中80%来自再生塑料瓶和再生后工业后物质的剩余百分比。在Prox,我们努力使世界成为一个更好的地方!


分钟。60" toMax. of 70"Flat Panel Monitor, LED/LCD/PLASMA TV or Monitor

68.00“l x 9.50”w x 39.50“h
Weight: 75.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions
70.00"L x 11.00"D x 41.00"H
Shipping Weight: 89.00 lbs

Suggested Shipping Method: LTL


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